About me

cropped-headshotCourtnay Mecca, MS, CNS, LDN

Courtnay is a Baltimore area Licensed Nutritionist with a Master of Science in Nutrition and Integrative Health from the Maryland University of Integrative Health.  Her love and passion for good food, health, and wellness led her to start her next journey in life in nutrition. After her son reached 2 years of age, she was sick and tired of her child and herself being sick and tired all the time and decided to leave her engineering career and enter nutrition school to get the answers she had been looking for believing in the power of food and lifestyle to heal.

She believes that there is no one way of eating that fits all, and dieting should be ditched, and we should eat food that not only tastes good but does us good. Small changes lead to big changes and shifts. The path to wellness and nutrition is not linear as life itself gives us challenges to overcome. She hopes to help others navigate roadblocks to their health through diet and lifestyle changes while giving her clients lifelong tools to empower them towards better health.  Outside of being a mom to her 2 kids, she is a health and wellness coach, yoga teacher, and spends her free time experimenting in the kitchen making healthy snacks and meals for her family and spending time in nature with her family.

My Approach:

I use a Functional Nutrition approach.  Functional Nutrition emphasizes healthful eating personalized to YOUR genetics, lifestyle, environment, and health concerns, addressing the root cause of nutritional imbalances.  For example, low nutrient status may be due to underlying absorption issues, unrelated to nutrient intake.  I believe in the power of food to provide information to the body to tell it to function as it should.  With health conditions and medications, certain nutrients may be depleted.  We will work together to replenish those nutrients.

I will work as a team with your healthcare practitioners to support you on your path to wellness.  My approach is to eventually get YOU to support yourself and on your path to wellness by educating you on the foundations of good dietary and lifestyle habits.  Understanding that our path to health and wellness is not linear, I am here to support you throughout your journey.  Finally, the approach is not a quick fix and it is designed to be sustainable for the long haul.