Initial Nutrition Consultation: 90 minutes- $125 

Initial meeting to go over health profile and goals.   Prior to this visit I will evaluate your intake form, review your 3-day diet log with dietary analysis software, review your current medications and/or supplements for nutrient depletions and/or interactions, assess blood work (when provided) vs. functional ranges and system imbalances, and perform a nutrition-focused physical exam.  We will review the intake form together, what your goals are, and figure out the best place to start to provide you with an individualized nutrition plan to meet you where you are.  It is recommended to have at least 2 follow-up appointments after the initial consultation.

Follow-up Nutrition Consultations: 60 minutes- $100

Follow-up appointments are 45 minutes to 1-hour in length and can be the 1st or 100th follow-up appointment after an initial consult.  We will review your progress towards goals set in the initial consult, and adjust as necessary and keep working together towards your goals.  There is no wrong path to your goals: life happens, we are human, so a follow-up could be a continuance of the previous appointment or a fresh start.  It is recommended to have at least 2 follow-ups after an initial consult.

Start-up Nutrition Package*: $300- 1 initial nutrition consultation + 2 follow-ups 

This package includes 3 sessions of nutrition consultation: one initial consult (90 min.) and two follow-ups (45min-1hr).  We will review your current health, define your goals, and get you started with the tools you need to implement nutrition and lifestyle changes.  *Must be used within 3 months of purchase

Maintenance Package*: $275- 3 follow-up sessions (a $300 value)

This package includes 3 follow-up sessions of nutrition consultation, after having an initial consultation, to keep you on track.  *Must be used within 3 months of purchase

Yoga and Nutrition Package:  Starting at $120

This package includes a private yoga session and nutrition consultation.  Private yoga class can vary on the client’s desired length and can include restorative yoga, gentle, or vinyasa yoga.  *Both must be used at the same time.  Must be used within 3 months of purchase.  Please allow for enough time for both services to take place.

NOTE:  Functional testing is not included in visit prices and will be charged separately when used.