What is functional nutrition and integrative health?
Functional nutrition is an evidence-based, dietary and lifestyle approach customized for each person’s unique lifestyle, genetic makeup, environment, and health concerns.  Lifestyle habits such as sleep, exercise, social interaction, support structure, and stress play a role in our health.  Genetics may predispose us to a certain ability or inability to metabolize certain nutrients given certain conditions.  Our environment, consisting of cleaning products, self-care products, consumer products, food storage, job type, location in which we live, etc. play a role in our health.  Additionally, medications may deplete certain nutrients causing an imbalance elsewhere in the body.  Functional nutrition and integrative health take into account all these moving parts to look at the whole person to help balance and support the person, seeking out the root cause of an imbalance.  A recommendation may include dietary and/or lifestyle changes while meeting the person where they are starting from, recognizing that no one diet and approach is appropriate for everyone.

What credentials are required to practice nutrition?

In Maryland, you must be licensed to practice nutrition and meet certain requirements.

I am currently in the supervised clinical practice portion working towards my licensure, scheduled to take the exam in June 2019.  When the combination of clinical hours, exam and education are complete, one can apply for state licensure.

What if I have certain dietary restrictions, beliefs, etc.?

There is no one nutrition plan for every person.  I will honor and work with you around these and will design an individual program that works to respect your specific needs.